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Moving Tips / Denver Moving

Denver MovingIn the interest of time and saving you money, If you follow these helpful tips, you will remove a considerable amount of stress from your Denver move as well as the amount of time needed for us to load up your belongings and get you moved to your new location. These steps will ensure the safety of these items when/if needed during and immediately following the move. Finally, the more organized you can have your place prior to the movers getting there, the quicker and easier your move will go for both you and us. We appreciate your cooperation.

Denver Moving: Items Not to Pack

Listed below are some items we cannot put on our trucks, so please take care of these in your own vehicle.  We cannot take hazardous or perishable items. We also recommend you take your sentimental and personally important belongings with you.
Hazardous Materials
  • Loaded Guns and Ammo
  • Aerosol cans, paint thinners, pesticides, poisons
  • Liquid bleach, cleaning solvents, ammonia
  • Gas cans, diesel cans, charcoal fluid, propane tanks, oils
  • Fireworks
Perishable Items
You should clean out all refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours prior to your move and leave the doors open so they can dry before your Denver moving date.  This will keep any mold and mildew from growing.
  • Frozen food
  • Open or half-used food refrigerated foods
  • Produce
  • Plants
Sentimental or Personally Important Items
  • Laptop/desktop computers and data backups
  • Cell Phones, chargers, adapters
  • Address Books, Phone list
  • Insurance Policies, financial records, new home records
  • Jewelry, passport
  • Banking information, check book, credit cards
  • Keys to auto’s, home, apartment, lock boxes, storage units, etc.
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