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Denver Piano Movers, Vosco Moving

Denver Piano Movers Pianos, especially grands & baby grands are heavy, costly, sensitive and beautiful pieces of art. If you are planning on moving one, you would be ill advised to attempt calling some buddies and doing it yourself.

Not only do you risk costly repairs if it gets dropped but also the high likelihood of a serious injury!

Needless to say, if an injury occurs on your property you could could be facing legal damages to the injured party. Hiring our professional Denver piano movers will prevent injury to your piano, your walls & doorways & yourself!

Moving An Upright Piano

Upright pianos are extremely top heavy, tipping a bit one way or the other can catch one inexperienced mover off guard, and that could suddenly shift the weight, causing the rest to lose control.

The result could be breaking the fragile legs of the piano, the legs of the crew and collateral damage to the location of the move.

Going up or down stairs is a dangerous proposition.

Moving Grand & Baby Grand Pianos

Grands & baby grands have to be skillfully dismantled to enter or exit through a door, and and wrapped in heavy padding. If you are fortunate enough to have sliding glass patio doors, the movers will have to remove both door sections. If not, the piano will have to be tilted upright, then reassembled at the new location.

The piano mover needs to close and lock the keyboard lid to protect the keyboard during the move.

Getting the legs back on and lowerd down to it's normal orientation is tricky. The weight of a grand will snap off the legs like tooth picks.

A careless job by amateur piano movers can, at the very least, result in an expensive visit by a professional piano tuner!

A minor tuning is to be expected from any move - a major tuning, needed because of rough handling, will require a professional.

Equipment Carried By Our Professional Denver Piano Movers

If you move your piano yourself, you would need to rent the following equipment, which we of course, provide.
Add up the cost of renting the needed equipment, the risk of injury to both the piano and your intrepid crew - don't forget beer and pizza afterwards, and, well - just hire bonded professional Denver piano movers, Vosco Movers and play it safe!